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Paper Stone Instruments – PSI Kick (KONTAKT, WAV)

PSI Kick Drum is a massive collection of bass drums with many additional features and functions that allow you to create the perfect kick.
Mix and control each drum with additional triggers and samples. Control the Tuning, Pan, Attack, Release, High, and Lo Pass filters for each trigger, regardless of the main drum. Each trigger also has two microphone positions that can be combined to create the perfect trigger. Use Sub to add a lower part to the main kick sound. Control the tone and release of each kick individually.
Each drum has 5 microphone positions and up to 27 layers of velosity. You will understand how flexible this system is to produce perfect drums for any purpose.


Position / Mics / Pres / Converters
IN- Telefunken M82- API 3124MB / Prism Conversion
OUT- Original Neuman FET 47- API 3124MB / Prism Conversion
FRONT – RE20- API 3124MB / Prism Conversion
OVERHEADS – C414 BULS- Neve 1073 / Prism Conversion
ROOM – Neuman KM184 – ISA 428 / Prism Conversion

Vital Statistics

6 Multisampled Kick Drums
6/7 options / treatments for each Drum
5 Mic positions
Rock Solid Phase alignment
4135 Samples.
Over 1GB data
2 trigger sections
52 trigger options
Up to 27 Velocity Layers
Intuative user interface
World Class recording equipment
1600sq ft live room


Premiere Resonator 22 “

C-1 Prem A Deep Tuned with Felt Beater
D-1 Prem B same as A but with snare resonance
E-1 Prem C wooden beater -more padding, batter head tightened
F-1 Prem D same as C but with snare resonance
G-1 Prem E tightened back head, padding added
A-1 Prem F same as E soft beater
B-1 Prem G Same as F with snare resonance

Yamaha Custom 20 “

C0 Yam A No Padding Felt Beater
D0 Yam B Padding tighter resonant head
E0 Yam CB with snare
F0 Yam DC with floor tom
G0 Yam E soft beater slacker front, tighter back
A0 Yam F wood beater
B0 Yam G felt beater added padding tighter front

DW Collectors Exotic 22 “

C1 DW A = with built in dampener standard tuning felt beater
D1 DW B = A with snare
E1 DW C = Cranked front head Soft beater
F1 DW D = Wooden beater
G1 DW E = wooden beater added padding
A1 DW F = felt beater added padding tighter front skin, slackened back skin
B1 DW G = slacker front head, tighter rear head plastic beater

Beverley Retro 18 “

C2 Bev A Soft beater No Padding
D2 Bev BA with floor tom
E2 Bev C with f tom and snare resonance / tighter font head, batter down
F2 Bev D with padding no tom or snare
G2 Bev E felt beater
A2 Bev F wood beater
B2 Bev G less padding

Pearl Masters 24 “

C3 Pearl A = Felt Beater
D3 Pearl B = with snare & Floor tom
E3 Pearl C = tighter front with padding plastic beater
F3 Pearl D = tighter reso (back) head soft beater
G3 Pearl E = wood beater with snare
A3 Pearl F = no snare

Tama Starclassic 22 “

C4 Tama A no padding, felt beater, low tuning
D4 Tama BA with snare resonance
E4 Tama C padding added
F4 Tama D wood beater
G4 Tama E tighten batter head, tighten reso head
A4 Tama F soft beater
B4 Tama G with snare, and kick’s dampener ring removed

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