Oversampled – SUPER HEAVY – 1000 Drums HyperPack (WAV)

Nothing gives a track the strength, power and epic character of drums Super Heavy ™. That’s why we’ve spent months creating and polishing super heavy drum sounds.
We’ve handled each drum sound individually for extra power, transients and heaviness.

We used transient shapers, limiters and advanced multiband distortion plug-ins to make every sound as heavy and full as possible. THOUGH! The sounds are varied, which means you’ll find both super-heavy and softer drums for different parts of the song.

We want this kit to be the perfect drum library for you, so we’ve made sure that if you end up using it, it’s all you ever need.

Due to its variety, this set of samples is great for futbase, trap, hybrid trap, house, EDM in general and many other genres.

 100 Kicks (super heavy, trappy, soft)
• 100 Snares (epic, heavy, trappy, soft)
• 100 Claps (tonal, classic, layered)
• 100 Hats (open, closed, trappy)
• 100 Crispy Perc Sounds
• 100 Super Heavy & Bouncy Drum Loops
• 100 Intense Build-Up Drums
• 100 Tension Building Drum Fills
• 100 Cymbal & Perc Loops (hat loops, perc loops, super vibey)
• 50 Snaps
• 50 Organic Foleys

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