Overloud – Gem Comp670 1.1.2 STANDALONE, VST, VST3, AAX, AU WIN.OSX x86 x64

Overloud released their version of a vintage emulation and very popular tube compressor / limiter Fairchild 670 – plug-in called Comp670.

• Hyper-realistic simulation of the original device thanks to 4th generation dsp technology
• Three models in one plug-in – emulation of three different models with their own dynamic characteristics and sound color
• Ability to use for parallel compression
• Soft-knee / hard-knee control – soft control and hard knee compression with optional DC Threshold control
• Sidechain filters
• Meter calibration: VU meter calibration with 4 different sensitivity characteristics
• Multi-level repeat and undo actions
• A / B comparison of setting options
• Many preset presets designed on real mixing sessions
• Scribble Strips: this feature allows you to make notes anywhere on the plug-in panel.
• The trimmer inside the original block allowed the compression response to be changed from soft knee to hard knee by changing the bias current of the feedback amplifier. In the Comp670 plug-in, this function is also implemented and allows you to quickly customize the operation of the compressor to specific needs.

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