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Origin Sound – Trap Samples – Trap & Hip Hop (WAV)

Who needs Trap samples? You can never have enough. We are proud to present our simply named “Trap Samples”, an optimized library that includes the best Trap and Hip Hop tools we have offered. Any instrumental rhythm producer who wants to promote his production should have this pack.

Trap Samples is based on an extensive collection of music loops. These melodic and harmonic samples are ready to be thrown into your sequencer, or cut to create your own twist. If you’re looking for a quick sample to get your rhythm moving, check out the many song starters available, a series of loops with numerous layers and elements that are all mixed and intertwined, allowing you to quickly progress and find ideas faster. In addition, you can plunge into the folders of melodies, chords and bass, where you can find the loops of the beginning of the composition, divided into separate elements, which allows you to use a more complex approach in which you can analyze different parts and share them with your own musical ideas. Don’t forget the vital 808 dedicated folder with many individual 808 hits configured,

No Trap & Hip Hop library would be complete without a careful selection of drums. Ready to break through any mix, these drum loops are an indispensable tool for creating rhythm. Whether you use them to spark an idea at the start of a session, or combine them with some of your own tunes, these drum loops will support your creativity. If you are the producer who prefers to work from scratch, go to the drum hits folder. The drum hits folder, consisting of crisp hi-hats, rumbling drums, one-shots and unique percussions, contains everything you need to create the drum kit of your dreams.

To provide additional detail and some unique character to your rhythm and help flow between sections, look no further than choosing an SFX for sale. The lifts create and relieve tension, while the drums are perfect for the end of the phrase, without forgetting the vocal samples that give your rhythm an individuality.

“Trap Samples” is an important addition to any sample library of hip-hop or trap producers who are serious about taking their beats to the next level.

• 95 Drum hits
• 33 Drum loops
• 19 Bass loops
• 22 Chord loops
• 45 Melodic loops
• 16 Song Starters
• 10 808 hits
• 26 SFX

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