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Origin Sound – Lo-Fi Moods (WAV)

«Lo-Fi Moods »From Origin Sound continues to push the boundaries of Lo-Fi. This library satisfies our ever-growing need to develop the sounds and musicality of Lo-Fi sample libraries, with close attention to detail and authenticity everywhere.

Set the mood for your rhythm by exploring the vast pack of vinyl loops. There are tonal percussion tunes, delicate guitar chords, billowing key lines and much more at your fingertips. All of them are presented in our universal format for beginner songs, which will immediately cause a creative approach due to their nature, ready for mixing, providing a complete and detailed musicality and instruments.

Lo-Fi Moods, filled to the brim with drum loops, will satisfy all your drum needs. Whether you are looking for a calmer rhythm or something more optimistic, the pack contains the perfect variety to work with any Lo-Fi mood.

Lo-Fi Moods also contains an SFX folder full of various add-ons. The folder ranges from radio textures to noisy crackles and more.

“Lo-Fi Moods” is what every Lo-Fi manufacturer needs.

• 80 Drum hits
• 40 Drum loops
• 42 Vinyl Cuts Song Starters
• 15 SFX

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