Orange Tree Samples – The Famous E Electric Piano (KONTAKT)

For the North Hollywood rental of Leeds musical instruments, it was just a simple method of cataloging their instruments stenciled on the bodies of electric pianos. One of their electric pianos, in particular, caught the attention of producers and session players, the one marked with the letter “E”. Soon, “E” became one of the most popular electric pianos on the Los Angeles studio scene in the 70s and 80s, and entered countless hits and albums.

• Over 1,300 samples recorded at 96khz, 24-bit, totaling 7.0 GB (compressed to 3.26 GB using Kontakt’s lossless NCW format).
• Over 70 production-ready factory presets created by Jay Graydon, George Mamalakis, Greg Schlaepfer, and Chris Poehler.
• Chorus and tremolo using custom DSP.
• Modular effects system with EQ, phaser, delay, algorithmic reverb, IR-based reverb, and more. The IR-based reverb features four legendary reverb units, totaling over 500 reverb presets.
• Smart tremolo attack ensures that the tremolo starts at its strongest point, giving you clear note attacks.

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