Ocean Veau & Imperial Muzikk – Tesla ElectraX (SYNTH PRESET)

In honor of the late great Nikola Tesla, we present this collection of sounds.
Nikola Tesla was a very intelligent person who was far ahead of his time. In fact, most of his inventions led to most of the technology we use today.

Nicola advocated innovation, progress, visionary thinking, and the overall creation of a better world. He thought outside the box all his life and to this day for many has been a beacon of light and inspiration. Albert Einstein was once asked: “What is it like to be the smartest person in the world?” and he replied: “I don’t know, but you need to ask Nikola Tesla about this!”

These sounds can be used for any genre of music, or even soundtracks for movies and other endeavors. Many of these patches were pre-developed outside of ElectraX and then synthesized in ElectraX to make sure you have sounds that no one else has.

From very ambient arps and pads to dreamy synths, keyboards and placas along with crazy bass, Tesla has everything and more you could want from XP.

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