Native Instruments – Stradivari Violin v1.0 (KONTAKT)

Touch the authentic sound of the treasured instrument from the world’s most famous violin maker. Created in 1727 by Antonio Stradivari, the Vesuvius violin embodies the incomparable craftsmanship of an Italian craftsman. STRADIVARI VIOLIN captures the sound of this historical instrument in painstaking detail played by master musicians in the rich acoustic environment of Auditorium Giovanni Arvedi, Cremona. Chromatic sampled notes, phase-crossing crossovers, capturing vibrato sounds, lots of articulations and mixed microphone positions allow you to create very expressive, realistic solo strings with a unique timbre that has been known for 300 years.

11 Comments on “Native Instruments – Stradivari Violin v1.0 (KONTAKT)”

  1. It worked to anybody?? there is various .PKG archives and idk if only works in osx

    there is no full kontakt files version??

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