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Native Instruments – Replika 1.4.0 VST, AAX x64

Main delay. Optimized controls provide instant usability. Three high quality algorithms for versatile sound. Resonant filter and phaser for extra movement.

ELEGANT ECHO – REPLIKA combines two professional quality delays and a powerful diffusion algorithm into a sleek, streamlined interface. REPLIKA is easy to use thanks to its built-in resonant filter and classic phaser. It is a universal delay for everything from subtle and sudden rises to curved layers of noise.

BASIC DELAY – REPLIKA provides three different algorithms. Modern is a digital delay that delivers crystal clear replays of high quality devices. Vintage Digital is a charismatic source of early studio delays. Diffusion provides crisp sound that crosses the line between delay and reverb.

MODULATION AND BIGGER – A high-quality resonant filter and classic phaser add subtle or sharp movement that can be synchronized with rhythm for intense sound design. You can even customize the placement of your signal in the mix with regular, wide and ping-pong modes.

CONTINUOUS CONTROL – REPLIKA’s powerful sound shaping features are implemented in a simple interface, needed only for basic needs. Select a delay mode and adjust the minimums and maximums. One knob adjustment allows you to go through the most commonly used delay times. And adding modulation is just as easy using simple combinations of three intuitive knobs and two buttons to choose between a phaser and a filter – low pass, high pass or notch.

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