Native Instruments – Pure Drip Expansion (MASCHINE, BATTERY, MASSIVE, MONARK)

kaleidoscopic mixture of rattling 808 bits, synthesizers and melodic chop, PURE DRIP offers a secret sauce to bring your drums to the Hot 100. PURE DRIP is a combination of smoldering trap, dreamy hip hop and visionary pop that pushes a new generation of artists and producers defining the sound of charts today

PURE DRIP was created with producer and writer Grammy Snipe Young, a leading man on the LA music scene. Among his staff are Nicki Minaj, The Game, Dr. Dre, Beyoncé and many others.

• 467 loops
• 481 drum samples: 158 hi-hats, 34 percussion, 80 snares, 124 kicks, 28 claps, 42 cymbals, 11 shakers, 4 toms
• 33 one-shots
• 60 Battery kits, 50 Maschine kits
• 11 Massive presets , 5 Monark presets, 5 Reaktor Prism presets
• Maschine exlcusive: 193 patterns, 10 Drum Synth presets, 1 Bass Synth preset, 9 projects

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