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Native Instruments – MODULAR ICONS v1.0.1 (KONTAKT)

Your personal synthesizer park. Created in collaboration with the Bob Mug Foundation, MODULAR ICONS puts the most coveted synth sounds in history into your own studio. Start with over 100 presets created from the true sounds of legendary artists and their expensive modular instruments from Moog, Roland, ARP, Buchla and others. Create your sounds in real time with powerful macros and generate evolving analog patterns with the built-in sequencer.
Many of the most influential pioneers of electronic music over the past 60 years have provided a sound source for this diverse collection of pre-installed patches: Jean-Michel Jarre, Steve Porkaro, Mark Isham, Michael Boddicker, Jeff Rhone, Bengue and others. And the audio was made with some of the rarest modular systems: Kate Emerson’s custom modular Moog synthesizers, ARP 2500, Roland System 700, Buchla modular, TONTO (made by the famous Stevie Wonder and reportedly the most expensive modular synthesizer in the world) and other rare vintage instruments.

• Vintage modular synth sounds from iconic artists and instruments
• Built-in sequencer sets your creative wheels in motion, instantly
• Made in collaboration with the Bob Moog Foundation
• Part of the Play Series: Great-sounding presets and real-time control in an intuitive interface

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