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Native Instruments – Komplete 12 Ultimate Collector’s Edition v1.01

In 2003, we collected everything we had, added huge savings and called it KOMPLETE: nine plug-ins, 23 CD-ROMs for storing all this, and the rest is history. Now, for the 15th anniversary of KOMPLETE, you can get it all again with the new Collector’s Edition – more than 150 instruments and effects. Everything you need for complete creative freedom.

25 Comments on “Native Instruments – Komplete 12 Ultimate Collector’s Edition v1.01”

  1. Do libraries not included in komplete 12 also work? I see the symphobia series and Metropolis Ark series and such, but am not sure. Currently downloading. Will be a very happy guy if they all work

  2. Followed instructions and things still seem to be in demo mode. Not sure what it means by “install and patch with provided files”

    1. Run Komplete 12 Ultimate Collector’s Edition v1.01 installer. Close the installer. Download and Install the applications with online installer(native access). Run Komplete ultimate k’d.exe , that is an archive with the patched applications, and replace with these the original application exe. The applications should be fully funtional

        1. A lot of these don’t work or just demo. I downloaded it somewhere else but have no instruments. Best try to try an best torrent search and try from one of them . The only one i had that looks like it may work was number 9 of this but it 2013 it have 200gb on stuff on it. I got apple pro x and others work form torrent but hardy every got instruments form ones like these. I feel go bad for people wanting things like this and most not working.

      1. Hi, so I have OS X and if I open Native Access and go to “installed” it appears all as error, to relocate or reinstall all. If I reinstall anything (also, it does not let me install anything out of the computer, and some huge elements I have to install them in a hard-drive) it appears as DEMO. But when I install anything I have no “.exe” archives… So I don’t know what to do with the Komplete ultimate k’d.exe. Please could someone show it on a video or make an extended tutorial on how to install this? Thx. Kind regards & be safe. Thanks again, hope for an answer and tutorial for all of us that think it’s complicated to install! 🙂

      2. This is it guys. Replace or add the applications in your Program Files (Kontakt 6 ect.) with the cracked applications you get after running Komplete ultimate k’d.exe. From there I had to update and reinstall each component in Native Access manually then they loaded up in Kontakt perfectly! I’m so great full for this torrent thank you R2R for another fine release.

        1. Hey Tim, could you explain in a bit more detail what you did? I’m still having some trouble. Thanks

  3. For FX folder, there is no .exe file in sub-folders. Only ‘xxx.aaxplugin’ and ‘xxxx.dll’ are shown in your folder. How do I do? FYI, everything is OK with instruments.

    1. yes! A video would be great, this is all so vague, I have everything but it’s in demo mode and nobody wants to respond and help!

  4. Same, please a video with instructions or some detailed instructions would be great! Don’t know how to install all properly on NKS so it’s not Demo… Thx

  5. Is someone having problems to activate expansion packs? I installed other istruments with no problem, but I get a notification to activate expansions

  6. I just want to say the files in this torrent are only just over 1 GB NO WAY IS THIS Komplete 12. DO NOT DOWNLOAD

  7. This no longer seems to be working with Native Access 1.13, I can’t prevent access from updating and once it updates I no longer can download the packages

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