Muze – Organ B3 (KONTAKT)

Organ B3 is an organ with 130 additional sounds to explore, combine and create your own.

• Based on the sounds of the vintage classic organ Hammond B3
• Leslie speaker effect (rotator) is included
• Distortion & Screamer effects for more dirty sound


An additional package of effects on the output: compressor, cabinet, saturation and limiter

• Compressor controls : attack, ratio threshold and output level
• Cabinet controls: treble, bass and cabinet size, out level
• Saturation controls: saturation and output level
• Limiter controls: release level and master level


Instrument Send Effects: delay, chorus algorithmic reverb, phaser, gainer and flanger.

• Reverb controls: predelay, size (of the simulated room), color, stereo and damping
• Delay controls: time, damping, pan feedback and gain
• Chorus control: depth, phase, speed and gain
• Phaser controls: depth, speed, phase, feedback & gain
• Flanger control: speed, phase, depth, feedback, color and gain


• 14.38 GB (Lossless compression) library size, 5578 samples
• 20 Built-in Effects: Compressor, Delays, Reverb, Limiter, Phaser, Gainer, Flanger, Stereo Panner, Chorus, Distortion, Lo-Fi, 3 and 4-Band EQ & more
• Full set of effects in the settings for total customization
• 132 Presets: Organ B3 with additional sounds (synths, brass, plucks, chords)
• Hammond-style 20 draw-bar organ simulation
• Sampled with Analog & Digital equipment

Kontakt engine features

• Custom User Inteface
• Compressed 24Bit / 48KHz Samples
• Fine-tuned four-band EQ for each channel
• A flexible user interface that allows you to control all aspects of the sound and fx (layering, morphing, blending all kinds of sounds with each other)
• Each preset has 2 channels: Organ B3 and additional sound
• Built-In Distortion, Screamer and Rotating speakers emulation


• 132 Presets for Music Production
• 5578 Classic Organ & Synths Samples
• Distortion, Screamer and Rotator


• 24BIT / 48KHZ Quality
• Over 14.38 GB Content
• Recorded With Analog Gear

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