Muramasa Audio – MorphVerb 1.0.0 VST, VST3, AAX x86 x64

All reverbs in one plugin.

What type of reverb should I use on my track? Should I use a chambers or hall? Or something in between? MorphVerb is a unique tool that provides the fastest way to find perfect reverb settings. The subtle blending capability gives you the opportunity to get a reverb tone that exactly matches your desires.

MorphVerb covers all types of reverb that you might have thought of. It offers lush algorithms for Spring, Ambience, Echoes, Room, Chamber or Plate. It also has large spaces such as a hall or cathedral, and your reverb can even be endless.
You can not only switch between reverb types. MorphVerb gives you the ability to seamlessly mix them between any two adjacent types. Thus, you can get 20% chambers and 80% of the hall. MorphVerb fills the gaps between reverb styles and provides almost limitless possibilities.

In addition to controlling the width, pre-delay or size for each algorithm, MorphVerb also gives you the ability to customize modulation, saturation and compression of reflections. You can customize the reverb sound to suit your desires without compromise.
The simple Ducking feature ensures that your tracks are not drowned in reverb. This will make your mixes cleaner, but nonetheless give them the place they deserve.

HiPass and LoPass filters designed for the processed signal are placed on the spectrogram display in real time, providing an immediate visual response. The spectrogram also gives you maximum control over the effects of Ducking and Dampening.

MorphVerb is equipped with more than a hundred presets, divided into several folders. This not only increases the speed of the workflow, but also shows the variety of sounds and situations that MorphVerb is ready for. MorphVerb can really be used for anything.

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