MOTU – Digital Performer 10.11 x86 x64

MOTU introduced the 10th version of Digital Performer – a major update to its flagship audio software.
New features include a Clips window for live start-up and loop playback of audio and MIDI clips, Stretch Audio based on industry-leading ZTX PRO technology, VCA faders, a new user-friendly content browser, support for VST3 plug-ins, scalable user interface and sound 5 GB bank containing hundreds of virtual instruments.
Now users can drag and drop audio and MIDI clips from the new Content Browser DP into the cells of the Clips window and launch them in real time, interactively, for live performance or for inspiration while creating new material. Users can also run groups of clips with multiple tracks (a partial row of cells) or the entire row (clips across all tracks). The new Stretch editing layer for audio tracks allows users to drag individual beats and their anchor points to fine-tune them to get exactly the feeling they want. For global tempo control, users can simply turn on the Stretch mode for each track, and the entire sound track is instantly consistent with the tempo and timeline of the project, even with a gradual change in tempo over time. Zynaptiq’s ZTX PRO technology delivers the highest possible sound quality. The advanced beat detection in the DP10 makes it easy to match imported rhythmic sound.
As in the classic analogue consoles of previous years, DP10 VCA faders can control any number of tracks, precisely maintaining their relative volume. Mix automation can be applied to VCA, and sub-fader automation is supported and scaled everywhere. The DP10 also includes a 5 GB library consisting of several samples, acoustic instruments, synthesizers, loops and phrases. This versatile collection of instruments covers music genres, eras, geographic regions and cultural styles.

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