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ModeAudio : Relic Ambient (Loops,WAV, MiDi)

tep inside an ancient ruin where strange symbols are scattered across every surface, obscure icons that can grant access to other dimensions if only they can be translated – let Relic – Ambient Loops be your guide, taking you across the threshold into a boundless dreamworld of sonic potency and potential!

This 591MB collection of otherworldly, royalty-free music loops, drum samples and MIDI is steeped in warmth and mystery, delivering thick clouds of tone, texture and rhythm for you to work into your next Ambient or Downtempo jewel.

Taking layers of lush, analog synths, meticulous, granular drones, fragmented field recordings and deep, bellowing bass, and marrying them with oceanic drum rhythms, this expansive library of 360 audio files conjures rich, cinematic scenes splashed with touches of drama and intensity.

133 Music Loops > minutely-detailed granular textures swirl around widescreen synth chords and lilting leads, as waves of bass crash against huge drum rhythms that are as low-end-drenched as they are submerged beneath the sonic tide.

70 Drum Samples > this choice of analog-laden drum samples is awash with stone-crushing kicks, ghostly snares, whispering hi hats and wonderfully strange percussion, presenting you with a percussive arsenal far from the beaten path.

74 MIDI Files > all the melodic, harmonic and rhythmic content heard in the main set of loops are offered here as MIDI patterns, giving you full access to the secrets held within. Develop and transform the musical ideas contained in this pack with these audio building blocks.

83 Synth Tail Samples > a larger-than-usual set of synth tail samples are included as a final bonus here, to ensure that you can bring any of the long-decay loops you choose to a smooth, natural finish inside your DAW.

Decipher the hieroglyphs and propel your music towards new and uncharted dreamscapes – get there today with Relic – Ambient Loops!

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