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MIDIssonance – Omnisphere Symmetry (OMNISPHERE)

Omnisphere Symmetry – the first set of sounds from MIDIssonance for the powerful Spectrasras synthesizer Omnisphere 2 containing 128 patches. While Omnisphere Symmetry has many darker pulsating bass lines, strings and texture arps, it is certainly capable of lighter, more beautiful characters reminiscent of Sigur Ros and Elre Scrolls musical scores by Jeremy Soule. Omnisphere Symmetry is designed for media composition (movies / TV / trailers / games), but is also very useful for genres such as ambient and post-rock.

Patches are carefully programmed with the possibility of detailed modulation, offering much more details for each preset.

Soundset is comprised of:

• 47 Arps + BPM
• 5 Impacts
• 5 Synth Basses
• 24 Pads
• 25 Textures
• 6 Keyboards
• 9 Hybrid Instruments
• 1 Riser
• 5 Synth Leads
• 1 Traditional

  • 16 Multis.

To use Omnisphere Symmetry, you need to have v2.3.0 installed (patch and software version). To install it, open Omnisphere 2 and from the Utility menu choose Install .omnisphere

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