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MIDIMood – Kameleono – MIDI Effects Plugin 2.4 VST, VST3 x86 x64

Arpeggiator · Sequencer · Chord Editor · Real-time quantizer. The world’s first sidechain arpeggiator.

Kameleono is an innovative VST plugin suitable for many situations, such as songwriting, production, live performance and improvisation.

Kameleono brings the power of side chain to the MIDI world, opens up endless possibilities and is able to provide the most demanding professional results. It works independently. No need for complex DAW configurations. Want to use a VST synthesizer or sampler? Just select Kameleono as your MIDI input for an external plugin. Want to create an unlimited number of unique patterns?

Create a new MIDI track and redirect the MIDI output to the Kameleono MIDI input channel with the pattern.
Kameleono is unique. In addition to the standard MIDI-In / MIDI-Out, which you will find in any other FX MIDI plug-in, there is also a side MIDI-In called Pattern-In. Pattern-In acts as a data source for the internal Kameleono engine and can be used for arpeggiator patterns, note sequencing, synchronization markers, etc.

Kameleono is a multi-functional MIDI plugin due to its modular design. Each module can be used separately or in combination with other modules:

• Flow module – controls the appointment of notes, for example, in the arpeggiator and sequencer.
• Pattern module – downloads and plays back pre-recorded MIDI pattern files.
• Chord module – controls the display of chords for individual notes.
• Scale module – controls the filtering of notes.
• Express module – controls the cycling and various MIDI controls.
• Sync module – controls time and synchronization.
• Hold module – controls the function of holding a note.
• In: Out module – controls input and output settings.
• Audio module – in fact, is the main synthesizer.


• High Precision Engine
• Unlimited Arpeggiator / Sequencer
• Scale Filter
• Chorder
• Advanced Timing & Sync
• Customized Note Hold
• Flexible I / O
• Build-In Synth
• Automation Support
• Expression Control

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