MIA Laboratories – Pi and Phi MkII 1.0.0 VST, AAX x64

Pi and Phi is our iconic product, designed to impress and be useful. Pi & Phi MkII, the second generation of Pi & Phi, lets you explore and unleash its full potential like never before!

Innovation and years of experience combined with cutting edge technology are some of the ingredients that have given rise to this indispensable tool. The basic elements that make up Pi and Phi are the real numbers Pi and Phi, which are ubiquitous in our environment. Thanks to years of research in digital signal processing, MIA Laboratory can now offer you something new and, most importantly, unique.

We created Pi and Phi with its revolutionary and unique sound processing capabilities with one goal in mind: to bring it to the world of sound engineers, sound enthusiasts, and sound preachers looking for a new level of digital audio innovation.

Words are limited when trying to describe sound in all its glory. The way is to let the sound speak for itself. Pi and Phi enriches the mix and each of its individual contents with an overall acoustic effect that can only be described as super-high liveliness and a brio with a warm but powerful “shine” The

amazing Pi and Phi effect can only be appreciated by hearing the closest description that can be given verbally , is the overall result “more!” The result emphasizes musicality and amplitude in a psychoacoustic way, along with smoother harmonic analysis.

This is a “phase and time equalizer”, a theory based on a logarithmic perception of space-time combined in a plugin!

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