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MIA Laboratories – 409 Opto Compressor 1.0.0 VST3, AAX x64

409 provides from soft transparent compression to strong limiting and is suitable for a very wide range of tasks.

The 409 is a powerful and versatile plug-in with highly optimized dynamic response, based on the design and principles of analog opto compressors.

Featuring natural and musical output control, the 409 delivers from gentle transparent compression to strong deep clipping, suitable for a very wide range of applications.

Like its predecessor, the 925 Compressor, the 409 Opto Compressor is designed using physical modeling principles that recreate the classic characteristics of optical compressors, with many additional controls and functions.

Basic controls allow you to easily and accurately adjust the compression response with attack and release ranges up to 200ms and 787ms, respectively. Unlike the “presets” of a fixed value switch, the ratio is controlled with a continuously adjustable dial, allowing precise and “fine-tuning” of the compression slope setting.

Completing the dynamic process, its additional carefully selected feature set allows the user to unleash the true power of this device.

• Highly optimized dynamic response
• Damping and Slope controls
• Compressor / feedback limiter topology
• Infinitely variable ratio control
• + Panel with additional functions

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