Mastering The Mix – MIXROOM 1.0.0 VST, VST3, AAX x86 x64

MIXROOM is an intelligent equalizer that helps you establish the perfect balance of richness and clarity, whether you work on vocals, synthesizer or mastering of your music.
MIXROOM analyzes your sound and shows which frequencies can be adjusted to enhance your sound. The proposed equalization target will help you get a reliable starting point from which you can adjust the sound to suit your preferences.

  1. Download to the master or a separate channel – you can use MIXROOM to equalize anything in your session. It works great on vocals, instruments, grouped tires, or on your master channel.

2a. Choose a preset – To get the most out of MIXROOM, start by choosing the preset that best matches the material you’re working on.

2b. Or create a goal – you can create your own target values ​​to get closer to the sound of your favorite tracks. Do this by clicking the target icon in the lower left corner of MIXROOM and importing the reference tracks.

  1. Shape the sound – Now watch the fullness of the “body” of your audio. The target equalizer curve will work precisely and help you get professional-sounding results in seconds. The “Add Smart Bands” button instantly loads the equalizer bands that match the equalizer target curve to provide an excellent starting point. The unique and custom-designed MIXROOM equalizer filters provide maximum clarity and transparency when generating sound.
  2. Bring back the level! – It is possible that the equalizer settings affected the perceived volume of your sound, making it difficult to determine if your changes improve the sound. Level the gain slider with a level indicator to match the perceived sound volume before it passes through MIXROOM. This allows you to subjectively hear how changes have affected your sound.
    Feel the Difference – Regardless of whether your sound is dirty, dull, thin, harsh, or even almost perfect, MIXROOM can help you improve your mix to get the perfect balance of saturation and clarity.

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