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MAGIX – CoreFX Suite 1.2.2 VST, VST3, AAX x86 x64

• coreFX Chorus – The chorus effect is achieved by a small delay and modulated pitch, which provides the effect of doubling and beating, as well as a thicker and fuller sound.

• coreFX Compressor

• coreFX Delay – This is a simple but widely used effect based on the original analog circuit, in which time-delayed copies of the original signal are created to create echo signals.

• coreFX Expander

• coreFX Flanger – Create a classic sound when your original signal is mixed with slightly delayed copies to create distinctive sweep effects, popular in many genres.

• coreFX Gate

• coreFX Limiter

• coreFX TwoPointCompressor – Greater freedom for the compressor’s dynamic curve results in a significantly louder, more powerful sound, which is more noticeable than other sound sources.

• coreFX VolumeFormer – Pumping effect without complex side chaining routing, which can be used for rhythmic changes in volume.


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