MAAT – thEQred 1.1.2 VST, VST3, AAX x86 x64

Imagine LP PEQ Red 2.0 … we took as a basis the approximate LinearPhase PEQ Red algorithm from Algorithmix and converted it into MAAT. There is no other aesthetic equalizer like thEQred. With the ability to discreetly create a spectral counterbalance for mixtures that are somehow supported, thEQred does an excellent job of aligning biased content. Add crystalline air without sudden changes to the dark mixture or increase the low frequencies and bass without bloating or loss of focus.

Thanks to twelve bands or precise sections, linear parametric phase alignment with unique rack filters, the mastery of complex mixes without changing their overall sound character is just a few clicks away.
A little background … The idea was born to re-publish this masterpiece along with other legendary equalizers Algorithmix and make it available as 64-bit in all common formats and (finally!) For macOS.

As an experienced user, our visionary Friedemann had some ideas for improvements in mind. In particular, he wanted to make the user interface, the user interface more flexible and faster to use, because in the mastering chain there is no other tool that would receive the same “landing time”. Result: our thEQ user interface and feature set.

The user interface provides super fast setup and includes a number of unique functions that help speed up your work: the function of positive and negative contributions, including absolute difference, a custom sonogram that makes it easy to detect problem points, and the ability to play a note on the Keyboard that you have in head, and then with one click to bind the section to the corresponding frequency. In addition, having all twelve visible sections at the same time, not to mention the function of the SORT button.

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