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MAAT – Plugins Bundle 2020.9 STANDALONE, VST, VST3, AAX x86 x64

• MAAT 2BC multiCORR v2.1.3
• MAAT DRMeter MkII v2.1.3
• MAAT DROffline MkII v2.1.3
• MAAT GON v1.0.0
• MAAT LINearise v3.0.0
• MAAT MtG v2.1.1
• MAAT RSPhaseShifter v2.1.3
• MAAT SantaCruzEQ v2. 1.8
• MAAT thEQblue v2.1.5
• MAAT thEQorange v2.1.3
• MAAT thEQred v1.1.6

MAAT 2BC multiCORR – Multiband correlation with built-in monitor.

MAAT DRMeter MkII – offers the necessary options for real-time sound level measurement. These include graphical and numerical estimation of DR dynamic range, as well as SPPM peak, rms amplitude, digital boost measurements.

MAAT DROffline MkII – The DROffline MkII Batch File Measurement App from MAAT is the only software that automatically measures all of the essential R128 parameters, as well as the official DRi and many key metrics your DAW may not be able to display. The DROffline MkII offers 24 different measurements, including integrated dynamic range DRi and PSR, the new AES standard proposed for peak to short term loudness ratio.

MAAT GON – This “phase trace” plugin quickly conveys global stereo direction and problems with a built-in visual phase mismatch warning. In addition, the optional Auto Gain feature ensures that you see a clear display with a very wide input amplitude range.

MAAT LINearise v3.0.0 – Dithering is the missing link between distortion and clarity.

MAAT MtG – Optimizing workflows for spoken word, sound for picture, podcast and broadcast, MtG automatically fills in gaps of any length in edited tracks. This plugin provides smooth audio looping with controls for rendering and looping fills, as well as gain controls to easily integrate looped audio into your material.

MAAT RSPhaseShifter- Analog Soul, Digital Heart. The only official digital implementation of the pure analog hardware for the W2324 phaser from Roger Schult / German Audio Lab.

MAAT SantaCruzEQ is the most complete collection of classic EQ architectures ever packaged in one package. You will get precise, idealized examples of the legendary analog EQ circuit, complemented by progressive new models. Whether vintage, modern, or experimental, SantaCruzEQ is an audio sandbox that every mixing and mastering engineer can tinker with.

MAAT thEQblue – 12 parametric equalizers in one VST plugin. Characteristic snapshots of well-known hardware equalizers, 12 tunable bands and nine filters.

MAAT thEQorange – Whether you are looking for a surgical precision instrument, an inconspicuous correction, or simply a spectral transform without staining, our proprietary, accurate algorithm delivers linear phase correction expectations. For cleaning and control tasks, use the full power and purity of ThEQorange to complete all of your surgical EQ tasks.

MAAT thEQred – Imagine LP PEQ Red 2.0 … we took an example LinearPhase PEQ Red algorithm from Algorithmix as a basis and reworked it into MAAT. There is no other aesthetic equalizer like thEQred. With the ability to discreetly create spectral counterbalance for mixes that lean in one way or another, thEQred does a great job of leveling out biased content. Add crystalline air without drastic changes to a dark mixture, or boost bass and bass without bulging or losing focus.

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