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LVC-Audio – Toned-MAX v2.0.5 VST, VST3, AAX AU WIN.OSX x86 x64

Toned-MAX is a universal plug-in digital equalizer with analog modeling. Although Toned-MAX can be creatively used on individual tracks, it is great for mastering. Toned-MAX is not just a basic equalizer, but many different visual functions to control the signal and controls for generating the output signal.
Toned-MAX includes 15 different types of filters, including standard filters for top, bottom, shelf and signal filters. Toned-MAX also includes a tilt filter, a constant q bell filter, a band pass filter and filter types that simulate analog shelf filters. Filters include additional parameters, such as a Q-Link control to further simulate analog filter types, and two different dynamic equalizer parameters for simple and easy dynamic alignment. All filters can work in stereo, left, right, middle or side modes.
In addition to the various types of analog filters that can be achieved by combining different filters and the Q-Link function, Toned-MAX includes the analog simulation of LVC-Audio, as found in PreAMPed and T-Chain (preamp models and vintage compressors). Toned-MAX includes a separate analog simulation of the input and output signals of pure analog equipment. There are 7 different input models and 6 output models. General drive control can be used to smoothly increase the saturation and dynamic performance of analog models.

• Stereo controls: Controls for shaping low and high width, balance, and a stereo vectorscope view for monitoring
• Output Soft Clipper for controlling the signal without traditional hard clipping
• Oversampling modes: Minimal and Linear phase, HQ and LQ modes, and selectable rates (2x, 4x, 8x, 16x)
• Configurable colors and options for Spectrum Analyzer, Waveform View, and Stereo Vectorscope
• Knob controllers with fine- and superfine- control, built-in AB comparison, and selectable limited ranges for fine control under mastering conditions (eg, +/- 3dB or 6dB for EQ gains)

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