Luftrum – Pandorum (SOUNDBANK)

Pandorum is a collection of 400 signature dark cinematic presets for Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2.6 synthesizer. You must have version 2.6 to take full advantage of the additional levels.

This is the largest Omnisphere set yet to be branded by Luftrum, designed and manufactured by St├ęphane Baer and then triple distilled and curated by Luftrum.

Pandorum is a set for the modern composer containing dark dystopian sci-fi sounds with an industrial menacing and distorted atmosphere, as well as lush atmospheric moody pads, dramatic textures, transitions and soundscapes.

These sounds are best suited for use in television and movies, dramas and sci-fi films, and are the perfect travel companion for any release of a sci-fi game.

Influences can be attributed to composers such as Max Richter and Lorne Balfe (Ad Astra), Benjamin Wallfisch and Hans Zimmer (Bladerunner 2049), Johann Johansson (Arrival), Anthony Gonzalez and Joseph Trapanese (Oblivion), and they have a hint of Lovecraftian atmosphere. he with his ghostly and gloomy character.

Ideal for any emphasis situation that requires dark lush atmospheres and pads, pulsating rhythms, strange bowed textures, haunting bells and voices, distorted dystopian sounds, brooding drum beats and percussion, dramatic synth moves and transitions, ominous soundscapes, textures and noisy scenes, inspiring polysynths, deep rumbling bass and dark melancholic keys.

All presets are sorted into official Spectrasonics categories with a few dB of headroom. The modulation wheel and aftertouch are used for more expression to bring sounds to life. The package includes a PDF manual on how to install the kit, it’s a simple one-click installation. Cover art created by concept artist Simone Rizzo and licensed with permission.

Delight your eyes and ears with two videos made for Pandorum: the first is an immersive 6-minute audiovisual presentation of Pandorum. The second is a detailed 3-hour walkthrough of Pandorum covering all 400 presets in the set! Also below is a playlist with many great audio demos.

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