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Luftrum – Luftrum 23 for Arturia Pigments 2

Luftrum 23 for Pigments 2 is an ambient cinematic sound bank for the space traveler making films and electronic maker music. Contains 100 presets (75 original presets and 25 alternative versions). Also included are 22 FX Sweet Spot presets for reverb and delay effects.
The set was created by Luftrum and brings sounds back to the basics of early Luftrum releases with rich pads, silky Wangelis-style keyboards, distorted but juicy synthesized leads, emphasizing textures and conceptual granular work with sound coming from the space itself, like the dusty, mesmerizing granular dust “Fixed stars ”, formed from a short fragment of otherworldly frequencies from Voyager 2 when it passed through the outer magnetosphere in 1979 and a pulsating drone based on mysterious FRB signals from his space, billions of light-years, which intercepted the noise is reduced and extended in time 350 times.
The sound bank is designed to evoke emotions and raise questions about the depth of space and time, travels to the unknown, life and existence, and the symbiosis between the tiny pale blue dot that we call the Earth and the vast eternal universe, with inspiration from artists such like Biosphere, Jonn Serrie, Vangelis, Carbon Based Lifeforms, Stellardrone, Ascendant and Steve Roach.
All presets received a margin of several dB in level, they were assigned a modulation wheel and aftertouch, where that made sense. Soundbank is fully compatible with NKS for Native Instruments hardware users. A PDF manual is included that describes how to install the kit.

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