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Luftrum – Expanse (OMNISPHERE 2.5)

In search of a new home, humanity is sent to a distant exoplanet of mysterious life forms. The expedition returns with a single clue to this strangely developed ecosystem: a mystical ultrasound artifact engraved with the word EXPANSE. Decipher the relic and open its gate to a higher consciousness …

Expanse is an endless ocean of cutting-edge electronic sounds for Omnisphere 2.5 and higher, containing 100 new presets, 54 of which are pads, this is the second release of the American ambient producer and sound engineer Echo Season.

The presets have been refined and carefully sculpted to give you a cosmic palette of vibrant, deep and vibrant sounds. It features brilliant pads, dynamic arpeggios, brilliant rich soundscapes, and subatomic basses of dark matter. The library is filled with a set of atmospheric synthesizer keys and several pads from Luftrum’s Andromeda A6 and Prophet 6.

Fragile in its essence, Expanse evokes awareness and consciousness from the sounds inside, all without a single spoken word. If you like the list of artists from Synphaera and Ultimae Records, such as Carbon Based Lifeforms, Ascendant and Solar Fields, you will discover the endless inspiration in Expanse, which is necessary for any electronic ambient, psi, space music or cinematic science.

All presets are carefully thought out with attention to details, competently assigned performance controls, sorted into the official Spectrasonics categories and, as always, leave a margin of a few dB with maximum polyphony. The space is 52 MB, and you need Omnisphere v2.5 or higher to play and use sounds.

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