Loop Cult DISRUPT – Dubstep Sample Pack

P2P |WAV| 441 MB
causes some bass distortion.
Satisfies the “Disrupt” Dubstep sample package, which is another result of Loop Cult’s tireless sample blacksmith shop-you can severely disrupt the audience’s mind for the following reasons:

⁃ Exquisite beats bring avant-garde sense of rhythm, and provide ready-to-use shooting
bass tight and thick bass line, with powerful bass and sticky bubble midrange, very suitable for deep Dubstep groove
syn selection ‘S exclusive composition music can immediately eliminate your frustration
shift shift FX bit array, can make your layout interesting and more

All files have speed and key labels when applicable, and have mastered higher precision, and are designed to be universal as needed.

What’s included-
132-142 BPM
-4 sets of construction kits-
104 cycles
-63 shots per shot

20 Bass Loop-
6 Drum Fill-
10 Drum Loops-
5 Drum Fx Loops-
6 Percussion Loops-
10 Top Drum Loops-
19 Fx Loops
-7 Slot Loops
-21 Synth Loops

One shot-
5 mb
-4 Fx-
15 hats
-3 hello Hitas
-7 kicks-
20 Percs-
9 snare
Loop Cult DISRUPT Dubstep Sample Pack WAV
‘ Dubstep Sample Pack, yet another upshot of Loop Cult’s tireless sample smithy – enabling you to cause some severe disruption in the minds of your audiences owing to:

⁃ Edgy polished beats coming as both intricately crafted loops, and ready-to-use one shots
⁃ Tight and thick bass lines with punchy subs and viscous bubbling mids, all well-suited for Deep Dubstep grooves
⁃ A selection of exclusive synth licks to set the dismal mood straight away
⁃ An array of shifty FX bits to keep your arrangements interesting and more

All files are tempo and key labelled where applicable, mastered to high end precision and designed to be as versatile as needed.

What’s Included
– 132 – 142 BPM
– 4 Construction Kits
– 104 Loops
– 63 One Shots

– 20 Bass Loops
– 6 Drum Fills
– 10 Drum Loops
– 5 Drum Fx Loops
– 6 Percussion Loops
– 10 Top Drum Loops
– 19 Fx Loops
– 7 Groove Loops
– 21 Synth Loops

One Shots
– 5 Cymbals
– 4 Fxs
– 15 Hats
– 3 Open Hi Hitas
– 7 Kicks
– 20 Percs
– 9 Snares

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