Line 6 – Helix Native 1.9.1, VST VST3 AAX, x64

Line 6 has been producing digital modeling amplifiers since 1996 and is well known in the market for its Spider and POD ranges. A few years ago, the company launched the Line 6 Helix line of processors, whose sound and capabilities were quickly fond of professional guitarists around the world. At the same time, in addition to several models of floor-standing devices, the Line 6 Helix native VST plug-in, offering similar programmatic capabilities to real processors, also entered the series.
Like real brothers, the plugin offers a huge collection of emulations, consisting of 72 amps, 194 effect pedals, 37 guitar cabinets and 16 amplifiers. All this magnificence is made out in a simple and intuitive interface, which any guitarist who at least once in his life has used a guitar processor to figure out. Due to the many settings, the user can flexibly configure the entire signal path, adding any number of processings, each of which offers a large set of its own parameters. Any created presets can be synchronized with Helix processors to use them on stage.

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