Laniakea Sounds – Trap Soul & Lofi Beats (WAV)

Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of Trap and cloud rap with one of our best sample packs to date.

We are proud to continue the Trap Soul series, a unique combination of Trap and Lofi Electronica sounds with capricious and emotional musical loops, various drum loops and atmospheric soundscapes.

Trap Soul & Lofi Beats contains all the modern elements to create your next hit or cloud rap.

Get ready to explore the vast collection of drum and music loops and be sure to find absolutely outstanding content, including soft and hypnotic musical loops, carefully cut and untwisted instruments, unique drum loops with special live sound, atmospheric vocals and soundscapes.

• 44 Drum Loops
• 62 Music Loops
• 10 Atmospheric Soundscapes
• 5 Atmospheric Vocals
• 10 Kicks
• 10 Snares

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