Laboratory Audio – STRIKEFORCE (KONTAKT)

STRIKEFORCE is the leading laboratory audio cinema percussion library focused on a professional composer. Recorded, mixed and produced in Los Angeles, STRIKEFORCE focuses on the percussion sound of a contemporary ensemble. The Audio Lab team used only the best musicians and recording tools for this library.

In addition to the extremely high sound / recording quality, the library provides great usability, functionality and ease of use. Instead of presenting several unmixed microphone positions on the interface, Laboratory Audio is a close mix and a distant mix, carefully thought out and unique to each dynamic layer. The user has global control over closer or farther processed sound. Both mixes sound great out of the box and were mixed with the music for the film, so they sit perfectly in the mix. This approach allows Laboratory Audio to mix individual dynamic layers with unique settings. For example, the compression ratio, equalizer, and length of the reverb tail change from quiet dynamic layers to louder dynamic layers. The result is very musical and immediately fits into any program material. In addition, some instruments were created by recording more and more musicians on the dynamic layer. An example of this is when two musicians play on the ppp layer, and 10 musicians play on the fff dynamic layer. Therefore, the dynamic layers vary not only in intensity, but also in the size of the ensemble.

• Individual Round Robin Selector Matrix
• 2 Round Robin Playback Modes (Serial & Random)
• Close and Far Mix, with Individual Pitch and ADSR
• 5 Different Drum Tunings per Ensemble / Solo Patch
• Individual Panning per Tuned Section

STRIKEFORCE specifications

• 43 GB uncompressed (18.3 GB on Disk with NI lossless compression)
• 129 Total KONTAKT Instruments
• 12 Multi Presets


• 72 BIG Ensembles Instruments (6vl 16rr)
• 11 BIG Solo Instruments (6vl 16rr)
• 12 Small Drum Ensembles Instruments (6vl 16rr)
• 13 BIG Snare Ensemble Instruments (6vl 16rr)
• 7 Solo Snare Instruments (6vl 16rr)
• 27 Solo Anvils, each with (12rr)
• 8 Big Anvil Ensembles (12rr)
• 4 Smaller Anvil Ensembles (12rr)
• 14 Sub Booms (12rr)
• 21 Clockticks short metallic sounds (32rr)
• 15 Tick Tocks short metallic sounds (2vl 32rr)
• 4 Impact menus

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