Kits Kreme – Textures VST, VST3, AU WIN.OSX x64

Add dust, vinyl crackles, mechanical noise, tape noise, environment, and more to your sounds. With Textures, you can instantly add character, life and mood to your sounds. Easily tweak presets with the built-in equalizer, or recreate the characteristics of vintage turntables with the WOW flutter effect.

75 Textures – Explore 75 presets including: Foley Noise, Mechanical Noise, Tape Hiss, Soundscapes, Natural Environments, and Vinyl Crackle. With Textures, you have access to a selection of exclusive preset textures.

EQ panel – Textures comes with a built-in high and low EQ panel. The EQ panel is applied directly to the texture you selected. This allows you to easily manipulate the sound to create the perfect blend with your sound.

Effects Panel – The Effects Panel has a WOW flutter effect and a reverb effect. The WOW flutter effect changes the pitch and speed of the selected texture. This effect was designed to simulate the nostalgic characteristics of vintage turntables.

Textures Included:

• Foley
• Mechanical
• Nature
• Soundscape
• Tape
• Vinyl

Knobs Included:

• EQ Highpass
• EQ Lowpass
• WOW Rate
• WOW Depth
• Reverb
• Master Volume

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