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Kirk Hunter Studios – Front Row Violins (KONTAKT)

FRONT ROW includes an amazing solo violin and versatility to go from solo to any size violinists you choose, from one soloist to 16 players. Each section size has been carefully recorded separately, so you get a real and unique ensemble.

At FRONT ROW, we present our patented live vibrato, which allows you to perform vibrato with your left hand with the same art as a real violinist. This is really something that you need to experience yourself, as it will give you the feel of vibrato playing, as the violinist does.

In addition, FRONT ROW VIOLINS is designed to give you complete control of vibrato with quantity, speed and damping control, so you can let your soloist perform all kinds of styles.

VIONINS FRONT ROW uses the world’s first Divisi technology, where chords are intuitively and intellectually divided between the available players in your ensemble. This makes orchestrating your violins easy as the instrument does the work for you.

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