HY-Plugins – HY-Filter3 1.1.11 VST, VST3, AU WIN.OSX x86 x64

HY-Filter3 has five filters (Xover, Dual, Formant, in addition to SVF and Reso), two types of modulation with five modes (LFO, StepLFO, StepSEQ, EnvFm, MpEnv) and two FX slots with 18 different handles. The user interface is more reminiscent of modern synthesizers, but its ability to reduce the size (height and width) for convenient placement on the monitor screen.
Almost any parameters, such as frequency cutoff, resonance, gain, pan, and others, can be completely randomized or modulated using the provided LFO module. A 3-band parametric equalizer and output limiter are also available. This is an extremely efficient plugin, especially considering its availability.

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