House of Loop – Sax House Session (WAV)

House of Loop presents saxophone riffs for your house tracks.

The saxophone is often considered a staple when it comes to good house music. It all started with some DJs striving to give their tracks a more organic dimension and also offer their audience a more dynamic and show-oriented experience.

In other words, the booth DJ is cool, but the guy ripping him up on the saxophone takes the show to a whole new level! Now you can bring that same excitement to your production with the Sax House Session Sample Kits.

This collection features a large selection of riffs at 124 bpm. From alto saxophone to soprano to baritone, you can enjoy all the tonal flexibility you desire! You can even use cool sax section loops – a great way to create some thick brass sections for your arrangements.

This sample pack gives you the ability to use some incredibly subtle saxophone passages in your production and completely redefine the dynamics of your tracks. Much like the human voice, the saxophone is a very expressive instrument and will immediately help you get that warm beat you crave!

• 043 x Sax Riffs Alto – (124BPM)
• 059 x Sax Riffs Baritone – (124BPM)
• 026 x Sax Riffs Soprano – (124BPM)
• 023 x Sax Sections – (124BPM)

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