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Gforce Software – M-Tron Pro 3.0.0 STANDALONE, VSTi, AUi WIN.OSX x86

M-Tron Pro is a standard emulation of the classic Mellotron – a unique keyboard for playback on magnetic tape, which was first released in the UK in the early 1960s and glorified by such famous artists as The Beatles, Yes, Led Zeppelin and The Moody Blues.

The 3.5 GB audio file library includes about 200 banks of tapes (sets of samples), including from the world’s first Tron plugin, M-Tron. 19 tape banks were also remastered at London’s legendary Abbey Road Studios, giving a warm tone that excels the originals.

M-Tron Pro also supplies 45 brand new cassette tapes and over 700 patches, many of which were created by world-class musicians and programmers. Just download these patches for instant nostalgia with a twist or open the lid to access elements for easy editing of layers, splits, reverse, half speed, envelopes and with version 3 (released in May 2019). M-Tron Pro can be used offline (Mac / PC) or as a plugin for most popular host applications.

• Nearly 200 total tape banks (sample sets), including:
• 45 brand-new tape banks not found in the original M-Tron
• 19 tape banks from the original M-Tron virtual instrument, remastered at London’s legendary Abbey Road Studios
• Over 40 looped tape banks
• Over 3.5GB of samples total
• 700+ patches including many created by world-class recording artists and programmers
• Up to 35 notes, each individually sampled
• Dual layer and split keyboard operation
• Programmable MIDI CC response via MIDI Learn
• 29 parameters per layer including synth parameters
• Vintage-style ensemble and delay effects
• Low-pass, band-pass and high-pass resonant filter section
• Tape reverse
• Tape half speed
• Flywheel ‘Brake’
• Dynamic keyboard control, including filter aftertouch

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