Freshly Squeezed Samples – Sunny Lax Studio Essentials Volume 2

In collaboration with world famous artist Levente Marton (Sunny Lax), we are proud to present the long-awaited release of Sunny Lax Studio Essentials 2!
After more than two years of intensive work, Levent used his many years of experience as one of the most sought-after modern trans-producers of the music industry and created a huge and versatile collection of impressive samples – all in one pack. This product is filled with many years of creative inspiration. If you are looking for modern and relevant sounds, ready to use, look no further!

From magnificent, shimmering plucks, epic leads and decent presets to powerful bass, effects, percussion and vocal loops – the capabilities of this pack are simply amazing. As always, Sunny Lax was an innovator, offering a simply exciting set of tools. Anyone who is engaged in modern trance, progressive or electric sound, just will not go wrong with this pack!

Firstly, we have a complete and comprehensive set of samples containing thousands of single drum samples (kicks, hats, snare drums, cymbals, percussion, etc.), Hundreds of drum / percussion / top loops, a complete effects section, (all neatly categorized, named and marked), melodic and bass line loops (provided in both processed and unprocessed versions with associated MIDI files for each loop), hundreds of synthesizer and bass single samples, and much, much more.

Each sample is definitely named and numbered at the appropriate pace and tone marking information attached to each file. In addition, all files are carefully classified into a well-designed folder structure in the classic Freshly Squeezed Samples style, so finding the sound you are looking for during creative studio sessions is quick and easy.

With this product, we wanted to capture the true “Sunny Lax” sound, and not just let Levente create this sample library as a side project, we asked him to look at this project as a way to catalog his own studio sessions and centralize his production library into a single product. We sincerely believe that he has dealt with this groundbreaking bundle

Basses & Synths

• 2,426 Total Samples
• 784 Bass Hits – Key labelled and ready to use
• 361 Morphing Bass Hits – Key labelled and ready to use
• 1,281 Synth Hits – Key labelled and ready to use


• 1,371 Total Samples
• 481 Atmospheres – all key labelled
• 105 FX Down Lifters
• 76 FX Noise Down Lifters
• 73 FX Noise Uplifters
• 93 FX Uplifters
• 121 Impacts
• 301 Percussion FX
• 121 Reverb Kicks

Drum Hits

• 6,333 Total Samples
• 97 Big Room Snares
• 201 Claps
• 289 Closed Hi-Hats
• 88 Crash Cymbals
• 88 Crash Cymbals FX
• 4,213 Key-Labeled Kicks
• 289 Open Hi-Hats
• 391 Percussion Hits
• 125 Rides
• 201 Snares
• 351 Toms

Drum Loops

• 1,716 Total Loops
• 1,415 Top / Percussion Loops split into 126 (50x Loops) and 128 (1,365x Loops ) – BPM labelled
• 301 Drum Loops (with kicks) – BPM labelled

Synth & Bass Loops

• 264 Total Loops
• 86 Bass Loops – Key and BPM labelled. Loops are all provided in wet and dry options.
• 40 Chord Loops – Key and BPM labelled. Loops are all provided in wet, dry, and filtered options.
• 65 Synth Loops – Key and BPM labelled. Loops are provided in wet, dry, and filtered variants.
• 73 Vox Loops – Key and BPM labelled. Dry and wet options are included. All loops are 128 BPM.

MIDI Files

• 111 MIDI Files – Key and BPM labelled. All MIDI files are from the bass, chord, and synth loops (with the exception of appreciated or “glitched” loops)

Soundbanks / Presets

• 112 Total Presets
• 17 Native Instruments Massive Presets (including macros where appropriate)
• 26 Serum Presets + 23 custom wavetables
• 31 Spire Presets
• 38 Sylenth1 Presets

Technical Specification

• Availability: Instant Download
• Format (s): WAV, MID, FXP, NMSV
• Type: Sample Library
• Number Of Files: 15.790
• Size (Compressed): 23GB
• Size (Uncompressed): 29.44 GB
• Label: Freshly Squeezed Samples
• Product Series: Artist Series

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