Fluffy Audio – Scoring Piano (KONTAKT)

This tool will find the perfect place in any soundtrack, in jazz and classical music. We tried to take into account the dynamics as gently as possible. Moreover, thanks to our dynamic range control, the cinematic sound of Thomas Newman is very easy to achieve. In addition to this, Scoring Piano has an excellent dynamic range that allows you to play any kind of music.

Our new instrument has many sound controls, an equalizer, reverb, three mixable microphone positions and controls for resonance and pedal noise. We avoided incorporating unusual effects such as delay, compressor, and so on. Not only the quality of these effects in Kontakt is a matter of debate, but we are simply focused on the great natural sound of the piano.

• 6578 Samples
• 8 included NKI presets
• 20 GB installed (compressed with in NCW format)
• Sampled with Schoeps and Audio Technology Mics and Millennia Media preamps
• Three Mic Positions (Close, Mid, Far) + Mix Position
• 24 bit / 48 kHz stereo
• From 7 up to 40 velocity layers per key (average 15 velocity layers per note)
• Sympathetic Resonances and Pedal Resonances control for maximum control over instrument warmth
• Release Samples
• Equalizer, Dynamic Control and Convolution Reverb
• Complete control over velocity response
• Self Masking for polyphony control
• Separate pedal down resonances and pedal noise control
• Nice occasional crackles knob to emulate the realism of a live recording

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