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Embertone – Walker 1955 Concert D Full (KONTAKT)

One-of-a-kind 9 ‘Steinway Concert D Grand . Available for Kontakt Player in Lite and full version. Recorded with insane detail (of course)

Concert “D”
At 9 ‘, the Steinway D is considered by many the pinnacle of pianos.
The instrument we sampled is equipped with a custom system for re-performance, developed by Zenph. That’s how we recorded our samples so precisely!

All Pedal Combinations
We captured all of the possible variations one can play between the sustain, una corda pedals, and sans pedal.
The samples are beautifully even because of the ‘re-performance’ technology that this piano is equipped with!

Make it Your Own
You can easily bend this piano to your musical will! Our intuitive controls allow you to move easily between jazz / classical / cinematic / pop and beyond.
Beyond that, you’ll find a whole page of simple ways to alter the tone and feel of this majestic Steinway.

36 velocities per note
We went crazy recording 36 velocities per sample set (ie for every pedal combo). Because of the extreme accuracy of the instrument, you get a beautiful, smooth response from lo to hi velocities.
If you don’t want a billion samples loaded, you can scale the instrument down to the velocity level you want.

10,000+ Realistic Release Samples!
Most virtual pianos have a single, static set of releases, triggered the same way no matter how you play a note. Not this piano! You’ll hear a different release sample depending on how hard AND how long you play a note.
Especially with the stronger notes, you’ll even get a sense of the beautiful recording space!

Dedicated Staccato Samples
There’s something amazing about REAL staccato samples … the way the mechanism reacts and then a subtle sense of space is created.
This is why we sampled an unprecedented number of staccatos: 36 velocities X2 repetitions for each of the 88 notes!

6 Mic Positions
The default position is a sweet set of close AKG C414s, and then 5 other options with a wide variety of tone and feel.

Microphone Positions

Mics: AKG C414 XLS, ORTF Stereo
Position: 2 ft off the side lip at the curve of the piano.
Qualities: Balanced piano / room tone with a beautiful twinkly high register and tamed low end. Vibrant and hearty with enough air space to breathe. Close Mics: Neumann U87, A / B Stereo (Omni) Position: 6 in off the strings Qualities: Extremely intimate and warm with very little room ambience. Rich with string reverberance while capturing all the subtle mechanical sounds. Hammer Mics: Superlux S241 / U3, X / Y Stereo Position: 1 ft above pointed directly at the hammers. Qualities: Punchy and percussive dynamics, great for pop / rock music. Room Mics: Schoeps CMC 6, A / B Stereo (Cardioid) Position: 6 ft away 8ft high, pointing towards the inside of the lid from the audience perspective.

Qualities: More room ambience and reverb coloration while allowing the piano to fully resonate into the room. Great for achieving a traditional / classical sound in a concert hall or recital setting. Wide Perspective Mics: Modified Oktava Mk012, A / B Stereo (Omni) Position: 1 ft from the piano at the player’s perspective, spaced at the full width of the keyboard. Qualities: An experimental mic pair capturing an ultra-wide stereo image with a unique and enveloping character. Binaural Perspective Mics: Stereo binaural dummy head (affectionately named Bruce) Position: 2ft from the the keyboard at the player’s perspective. Qualities: Realistic spatialization, especially when listened through headphones.

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