Echo Sound Works – X Grand Piano (KONTAKT)

We know what you think. Another piano? There are probably more sample library libraries for piano than any other type of library, but there are none like the X Grand.

When we were about to create the X Grand, we had two goals:

1.) Make a piano specifically for sound and functions for modern producers creating genres such as pop, hip-hop, indie pop, Future Bass, House and others. Each piano we came across and sold for Pop sounded like it was made in the 1990s and should have been noticeable on the Backstreet Boys album.

2.) Remove any unnecessary controls and functions that result in poor performance due to constant, endless tuning. We all have those piano libraries that give you control over things like cover bumps, seat creaks, pianist’s nail length (well, maybe not the last, but you understand).

We made 3 versions of the graphical interface and script with various controls, and a team of beta testers tested each version. As a result, we combined the 1st and 3rd iterations of the tool.

• Incredible production ready sound
• Custom GUI with simple, yet effective controls
• Over 1,000 samples make up the entire sound
• Requires Kontakt 6

X Grand has the following controls:

Space Knob is a convolutional reverb that the fairy is elusive. It does not blur the sound, as many piano reverbs do.

Tone Control is a simple control that darkens the tone of a piano. The piano is not too bright to start with, but there are some cases where you want a darker, more muffled sound. This is a cross between closing the lid on the piano and a fine filter.

Hammer – This knob adjusts the volume of selected hammer samples. This is a powerful but simple instrument that can make the piano sound more independent and less sophisticated.

Overtones. If you don’t know what sympathetic resonance is, we won’t bore you with the specifics, but basically, when you play a real piano, a beat on one note slightly vibrates next to it. This makes the sound thicker and more realistic. You can control the volume of these overtones with a simple knob.

Stereo – This control makes it incredibly easy to set the X Grand to your track by adjusting the stereo image of the sound. At 0%, it is in mono, and 100% in stereo.

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