e-instruments – Session Keys Electric S (KONTAKT)

“This is the best emulation I have ever used, and I cannot imagine that I will ever be without it. This is what I will use every day, without exaggeration. I love it. “Stephen Gallagher, Composer – The Hobbit, District 9, King Kong

Nothing embodies the evolution of the electric piano like the Electric S of 1973: awesome packaging for the keyboard, amplifier, and speakers.
To recreate this beloved classic of the electric piano, we hunted for the highest quality original. We discovered the magnificent 1973 Electric S, during which it took weeks for a thorough restoration. Returning to the peak state, we began a detailed recording in order to catch every nuance of its original sound.

• 1973 Suitcase
• Two separate sound banks: Studio and Live
• Pentamorph sound control to transform the whole sound with a single knob
• Animator with over 400 flexible phrases
• Smart Chord function to create instant piano chords from single keys or pads
• Effects chain with Tremolo / Auto Pan, Chorus, Phaser, Amp Simulator, Compressor, Delay and Convolution Reverb
• Native Instruments NKS compatible
• 24 bit / 44.1 kHz

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