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Denise Audio – Bad Tape 1.0.1 VST, VST3, AAX, AU WIN.OSX x86 x64

Bad Tape generates artifacts of cassette tape and effectively ages audio. The
tool can also be used for detecting, overloading and bit-crashed signals.
Studio denise. io released the denise Bad Tape plugin, which emulates various artifacts that occur when using the film. The plugin generates clicks, crackling and hissing, as well as insulates the signal and adds the effect of signal detection. Additionally, the plugin can add a slight overload to the sound and act as a bitcracker.
To control each effect, settings for processing intensity, saturation and balance of the initial and processed signal are provided. The hissing and saturation controls are used to give the sound an analogue plaque. The creator of the plugin notes that the capabilities of Bad Tape are quite extensive: users can add detuning at certain points, make the signal more lively and mobile due to analog artifacts, and generate sharp “industrial” sounds.
For best results, denise advises using Bad Tape along with other plug-ins for signal degradation – for example, the previously released denise Noize and Space Invader. According to the creator, together with the noise generator and analogue flanger, the user will have a whole system for aging the signal.

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