DDMF – Plugins Bundle VST, VST3, AAX x86 x64

A set of plug-ins from DDMF.

DDMF 6144 v1.2.5
DDMF BridgeWize v1.1.5
DDMF Chorddetector v1.2.3
DDMF DirectionalEQ v1.0.7
DDMF LinComp v1.0.6
DDMF NoLimits v1.2.4
DDMF NYCompressor v2.2.6
DDMF Plugindoctor v1.4.1
DDMF TheStrip v1.0

DDMF 6144 – equalizer, unique Neve EQ

emulator; DDMF BridgeWize is a bridger utility designed to use 32-bit VST, AU format plug-ins (Windows, Mac OS X) in 64-bit host programs.

DDMF Chorddetector – mp3 / wav player with integrated chord detection. All you need to do is download the song you are interested in the chords of, and click Play! Chords will be displayed in real time.

DDMF DirectionalEQ – allows you to equalize certain directions in a stereo field. It has five independent ranges that can be adjusted to work, for example, at 30 degrees, -20 degrees, etc. A general gain in these directions is also possible.

DDMF LinComp – Linear Multiband Compressor

DDMF NoLimits – This proactive limiter complements the DDMF mixing and mastering portfolio and becomes your weapon of choice to take you to the competitive level.

DDMF NYCompressor is the ideal workhorse when it comes to managing dynamics in the mix. From soft compression to gluing your mix, from tight compression of the drums, to the maximum punch. NYCompressor will transform your music from “weak-sounding” to “powerful and exciting” in just a few turns of the knobs …

DDMF Plugindoctor – the program displays what effect the VST-plug-ins and processors have on the audio signal.

DDMF TheStrip – This plugin includes an equalizer, gate and compressor in one effect. Due to its low processor load, DDMFs believe that you can comfortably use it on every channel of your project.

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