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D16 Group – Spacerek 1.0.0 VST, AAX x86 x64

D16 Spacerek is made for those who are tired of complicated reverb plugins. The virtual reverb promises ease of use and low processor requirements.
D16 has released the Spacerek virtual reverb. According to the creators, the plug-in is designed specifically for those users who are tired of complex and complex reverb effects. Spacerek is able to create authentic spatial effects without the need to tweak many parameters.

The plugin is based on a hybrid reverb engine. The early reflections are generated by the specially developed D16 Virtual Space Reverb algorithm. Late reflections are created by a dynamic delay that automatically selects an appropriate delay time. The combination of the algorithm and dynamic delays allows you to emulate many different spaces: tunnels, rooms, halls, and so on.

For each generated space, several microphone presets and speaker configurations can be selected for a total of 114 effect options. The built-in mixer allows you to adjust the ratio of the original signal, early and late reflections. Additional features include Mid / Side processing, a low-pass filter, and a simple reverb EQ section.

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