d16 Group – SilverLine Collection 02.2021 VST, AAX, AU WIN.OSX x86 x64

• Antresol 1.2.1 – a flanger with the sound of the Electric Mistress guitar pedal. The plugin offers a wide range of independently adjustable parameters for the left and right channels.

• Decimort2 2.2.1 – recreates the coloration and adds that magic that vintage samplers added to any loop, any bass line,
or any sound played through them!

• Devastor2 2.2.1 – simple yet wonderful multiband distortion effect. It is an extended version of the distortion device of our PHOSCYON synthesizer. Being multi-band, it presents endless sonic possibilities!

• Fazortan2 2.1.1 – a phaser from a Polish developer. Effective device that echoes the sound of retro phasers from the 70s (which is now back in vogue)

• Godfazer 1.1.1

• Redoptor2 2.1.1 – Distortion, with accurate emulation of tube and transistor nature of distortion. Contains a built-in equalizer and a regulator for feeding the generated harmonics into the signal.

• Repeater 1.1.5 is a vintage sound delay effect from the D16 Group, developed in collaboration with Slate Digital. The plug-in offers double delay with 23 unique, believably modeled delay modules

• Spacerek 1.1.1

• Syntorus 2.1.1 – a plug-in that will have a rich analog chorus sound similar to the effect found in classic synthesizers such as Solina, Synthex or Juno

• Tekturon 1.1.1 – powerful multi-tap delay with built-in sequencer. The effect offers 16 independent delay lines, all organized in sequence

• Toraverb2 2.1.1 – Virtual reverb. The conceptual algorithm implemented in the block allows you to create almost any type of reverb.

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