Cymatics – ZODIAC – Melody Collection (MIDI, WAV)

ZODIAC: the best tunes we’ve ever made. ZODIAC was created after completely redefining our approach to creating melodies, working with:

• Professional vocalists
• Guitarists, violinists, saxophonists and other live musicians
• Composers
• Many new talented producers

Now, in any given cycle, several instrumentalists, producers and vocalists can participate. It looks more like an album than simple melodic loops. This new method made our melodic loops better and more memorable.

Not to mention, we have strengthened the songwriting and wrote several sections for most of the tunes to give you more variety when creating / arranging your next song.

• Equinox: Drum Loops & Breaks
• Gemini: Guitar Loops
• Pisces: Composition Samples
• Scorpio: Vocal Samples
• Zodiac Collector’s Edition USB’s

• 252 wav – Zodiac: Melody Collection
• 2043 wav Zodiac: Melody Collection Stems
• 391 wav – Equinox: Drum Loops & Breaks
• 334 wav – Gemini: Guitar Loops
• 128 wav – Pisces: Composition Samples
• 268 wav – Scorpio: Vocal Samples
• 599 wav – Zodiac Platinum Expansions

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