Cymatics – Vocal Essentials (WAV)

Adding genuine human perception to your tracks is one of the best ways to make your music more memorable.

To achieve this, many of the best producers use high-quality, professionally recorded vocals for use in their songs – whether it’s full acapelles or catchy vocal melodies and parts.

At Vocal Essentials, our production team carefully studied the best tracks from various genres, including Pop, EDM and Hip Hop, to present some of our highest quality vocal samples and loops today.

You will find many vocal arps, kicks, one shots, a reverse vocal effect and – one of our favorite – vocoder loops.

Each sample was constantly improved, ensuring that there was nothing in this pack except our best, most useful vocal samples and loops.

Each sound is ready to drag and drop to make your music more memorable with an authentic human touch.

Get Vocal Essentials Now!

• Vocal Arps 36
• Vocal Chops 60
• Vocal Reverse FX 19
• Vocal Shots 25
• Vocoder Loops 25

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