Cymatics – LIFE Ambient Recordings (WAV)

Adding real-world sounds to your tracks is the perfect way to create a genuine, human feeling that cannot be achieved with digital synthesizers and sounds. For many, these authentic recordings give the song depth and significance, making it more memorable.

To give you such a level of depth and meaning in your music, we went to several unique places with professional equipment to get first-class real-world recordings that will liven up your songs.

LIFE Ambient Recordings is filled to the brim with recordings including crackling fires, city atmosphere, crowds, calm sounds of the ocean, waterfalls, rivers, streams, vinyl crackles, farm noise and much more!

Each recording was made on high-level professional equipment and carefully cut and divided into files for your songs. Have everything you need to add a true, human atmosphere to your music and bring your tracks to life.

Get “LIFE” Ambient Records Now!

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