Crane Song – Phoenix II v1.9.1 AAX x64

Designer Dave Hill created this software with the same attention to detail that he used to create the electronics for the highly publicized ATR Service “Aria” discrete tape recorder “. His deep knowledge of analog electronics, as well as years of experience as a sound engineer, has resulted in a very useful musical plug-in set.

The Phoenix II process not only incorporates the non-linear saturation characteristics of the tape itself, but also includes the relationship between the analog tape recorder’s recording / playback electronics and the equalization curves. Phoenix II is a HEDD-based application specially designed and optimized for the Avid PT 10 architecture.

Phoenix II has five different analogue tape characteristics. Type is selectable with a switch for easy comparison between types, and brightness is also selectable with a switch. Gold is a position in which color is approximately flat in frequency response, sapphire is brighter, and opal is warmer in tone.

The level control determines the amount of Phoenix II process integrated into the audio signal, and the input control determines “how much you apply tape saturation.” Since the DSP process is level dependent, the input level trim control has been improved and output trim control has been added.

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